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Negotiated procedures

EFCA carries out low value negotiated procedures between €15,000.01 - €60,000 with at least three candidates.

EFCA carries out middle value negotiated procedures between  €60,000.01 - up to €135,000 with at least five candidates.

EFCA publishes information on its website for contracts with a value between €15,000.01 - €135,000.

(This information will be updated regularly).

If you are interested in participating in any of the negotiated procedures mentioned below, please contact mentioning the procedure number in the box below and you will receive an invitation to this negotiated procedure.

Number and Subject Estimated invitation launch Estimated Value Deadline for expression of interest Status
EFCA/2017/NP/03 Provision of language courses to EFCA 28/04/2017 81 000 26/04/2017 In preparation
EFCA/2015/NP/06 Insurance brokering services 30/10/2015 €30 000 29/10/2015 Closed
EFCA/2015/NP/05 Subscription services 15/10/2015 €40 000 14/10/2015 Closed
EFCA/2015/NP/01 Fixed line telephony 06/02/2015 €23 000 NA Closed