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The works to paint the mural sponsored by EFCA in collaboration with the City Hall of Vigo have started


As previously announced during the celebration of Europe Day, the European Fisheries Control Agency is sponsoring a mural, which main purpose is to highlight the importance of ocean sustainability, in collaboration with the programme of urban art launched by the City Hall of Vigo. The latter is contributing to the project by providing the materials, assembly and machinery.

The works to paint the mural have started this week. The project shares the same goal, that of raising awareness regarding ocean sustainability, as other international programmes such as Sea Walls Murals for Oceans, with whom the Agency has been in contact this year. In this way, the project serves its purpose to emphasize the need to protect our oceans through public art. In addition, the mural aims at making visible the work of the Agency in a city such Vigo, where the ocean plays an important role, as well as building ties with its citizens.

The mural will be located in one of the adjoining walls located closest to the ocean in Torrecedeira street number 4. Due to its European dimension, the project involves artists of three different nationalities: Fernandez & Gonzalez fom Vigo, known for their careers as plastic artists and for revitalising the cultural space of the Halcón Milenario, will paint one of the façades; the Portuguese artist Federico Draw, with recognized expertise in urban art in the neighbouring country and Europe, will bring to life the second façade; in addition, the Irish poet Keith Payne, in partnership with Proyecto Ewa, has written a poem dedicated to the sea which, translated into Galician, will raise the profile of this initiative.

Through this mural, the European Fisheries Control Agency aspires to demonstrate by means of audio-visual communication that art is able to convey the Agency’s ultimate goal, which main mission resides in the coordination of fisheries control: the need to ensure oceans sustainability over time.